Hand Painted Decals

How it works:

Here at WeSkate we offer only the best quality hand painted graphics & decals. 


  • Step 1) Decide on a graphic of your choice. NOTE: Prices will depend on the detail and the amount of color on your graphic.

  • Step 2) Send us an HD Picture of your desired graphic via WhatsApp by clicking ( HERE ) or by clicking the (Get quote button below.

  • Step 3) Wait for a (Total Amount Invoice) to be sent to you from our assistants.  

  • Step 4) After receiving the (Total Amount Invoice) you will be required to send 50% of the total amount as a deposit to get your order booked.

  • Step 5) Once your order has been finished, you will receive a message and (if you don’t like surprises) a picture of the final product. NOTE: Once your board is complete, you will be required to send the outstanding 50% of the total amount.

  • Step 6) Enjoy your hand painted graphic by WesSkate, and Get Shredding!!


⬇Check out some previous orders below⬇

AOT (Hand Painted) Graphic

Pickle Rick (Hand Painted) Graphic

Ultra Instinct & SSJ Rose (Hand Painted) Graphic

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