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Frequently asked questions

No way! Tech Decks are cool, but nothing like a real fingerboard.
Our boards are made out of real maple wood veneers, the same way a real skateboard is made. It also has real trucks, polycarbonate/polyurethane wheels with actual bearings. All of our boards are fully customizable and interchangeable.

Yes! at the moment, we only accept EFT payments for all orders, since it is safer and avoids any valuable customer credentials being saved on our platform. You will be assigned an order number and a tracking code the day of the order shipment. If you need any more information, just drop us an Email or a WhatsApp through our contact page.

Pivot Cups do not only make a big difference in the feel of your board, but they also work as extra protection for your hanger tail (the part the pivot cup slides over).

Yes, at the moment we have limited Teak Tuning boards in stock, but have recently released our own brand of boards called “Distal” (since the bones on our fingertips are called the distal phalanges). We have also Stocked up on Atom trucks and Distal Swirlies so GET EM WHILE THEY’RE HOT!!

When you place your order and checkout, you’ll get an email with our bank account details on there. Please make an EFT payment into the account using your order number as the payment reference. Once we receive the cleared payment, you will receive an email of confirmation and your order will begin processing. 

We’ll ship your order out via Postnet 🙂

Yes. As long as you let us know before your order is shipped out, you will be able to cancel and will receive a refund. Once it ships, we will not be able to change or stop your order.

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